Bridging the gap between the People and the Constitution

CLASI provides ongoing training to law students (“teaching fellows”) from five law schools to facilitate workshops, classes, public debates and moot competitions in under-resourced schools and community centers around the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng. Our hope is to foster conversations that will help to restore agency and human dignity to people who have long been silenced, to build bridges across difference, and where there is conflict, to promote its non-violent resolution.

Incorporating contemporary constitutional debates in society through moot court competitions (simulated court hearings where participants play role of lawyers and present their case) and through art as a medium, the CLASI curriculum explores South African history and constitutional transformation, both in terms of political and social transformation. Using this curriculum as a base, CLASI encourages the development of critical analysis, reading, writing, and speaking skills, as well as dialogue, as an alternative to conflict. In this way, both the learners and the teaching fellows are exposed to dynamic, inter-disciplinary, and hands-on learning.


Upcoming Events

CLASI and District Six Con Camp
Date: 7-10 July 2015
Venue: District Six Museum Homecoming Centre in Cape Town

CLASI and Constitution Hill Education Project Con Camp
Date: 15-18 July 2015
Venue: Constitution Hill, Braamfontein

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What people say about us

  • "CLASI made me proud of myself. No one can violate my rights anymore I have learnt a lot from CLASI."
    Malusi Marvellas Mbidlana - 01 March 2015
  • "I was fortunate enough to be one of the CLASI moot court volunteer judges in 2014 in the oral rounds held at Umtata, i felt like CLASI has taken a great initiative in helping students prepare and express themselves while learning about the constitution KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK You are teaching children a lot and making a difference in their lives."
    Lelethu Mqingwana - 01 March 2015
  • "This was the best experience ever the CLASI ConCamp was emotional, taught us so many, i came knowing nothing about the Constitition and how it influences our everyday life. I am going back homw Proud and ready to reach my stars :p :p From all the CLASI learners we would like to thank Mandy, Gina,Meetali,all the Law students and every who was with us :) :) :) To all learner joining the Moot Competition Good Luck"
    Debbie Mubulayi - 3 July 2014